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Fachada MCDonalds
When McDonald's planned its new store, it decided that it would be more than that: it would be a gift to Avenida Paulista, to São Paulo.
To build the new space, the
largest fast-food chain in the world opted for an innovative process, a technology
based on wood with
less carbon emissions and much less environmental impact.
The result is a sustainable space, good for customers and everyone. We at Noah are very proud to be part of this work, from conception to construction.

We brought to Brazil a pioneering technology, with custom-made parts, less wasted material and time, which means works are delivered up to
50% faster than conventional ones, emitting much less carbon .

With this new McDonald's, Paulista breathes sustainability, innovation and technology. Breathe new air.

Learn more about the advantages of engineered wood construction by accessing this link.

Paraíso Location - São Paulo/SP
Construction date 2023
Total area 1187.58 m²
Architecture: Super Limão
Mass Timber Design and Execution: Noah Tech
SupplierMass Timber: Urbem



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