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Condominium of high standard houses in Vila Madalena!

Wooden residential condominium


The Arvoredo condominium is a residential launch by Noah, there are just 6 residences with 4 floors each, the square footage varies from 390 to 466m².

Despite being a condominium, access is private, each house has its own. In addition, there is provision for an individual elevator per unit. This way, the only thing you will need to share with your neighbors will be the incredible sunset view.

Do you want to live in Arvoredo? Click here for more information!

Learn more about the advantages of engineered wood construction by accessing this link.

TAGS: Condominium Arvoredo , Residential Projects , High Standard Residential


Location Vila Madalena - São Paulo/SP

Project date forecast: 2024

Total area 2454.92mt²

Architecture: SP

Mass Timber Design and Execution Architects: Noah Tech

Mass Timber Supplier: Urbem

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